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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
Even if only slightly, I want to give something happy to you.


19/08/2020 Mapish Big sticker was released.
25/07/2020 Mapish Big sticker(Japanese) was released.
23/04/2020 Mapish theme was released.
22/04/2020 Message stickers were released.
02/12/2018 Two kinds of Emojis were released.
15/02/2018 Three kinds of animated stickers were released.
28/06/2018 Two kinds of Summer themes were released.
00/04/2015 I started selling LINE Stickers.


LINE Stickers now on sale!
08/2020 Updated!

  • Mapish Big sticker EN
  • Mapish Big sticker
  • Mapish message sticker Japanese ver.
  • Mapish message sticker Taiwanese ver.
  • Mapish message sticker Thai ver.
  • Mapish message Junpsuit ver.
  • Corazon-kun animated English ver.
  • Corazon-kun animated Taiwanese ver.
  • Corazon-kun animated Japanese ver.
  • Mapish Christmas & New Year
  • Mapish : Animated stickers Japanese ver.
  • Mapish : Animated Stickers
  • Mapish chubby .ver
  • Mapish
  • Corazon-kun Taiwan .ver
  • TGIF white dog
  • Alian H very easy to use
  • It's a brown mackerel tabby
  • Corazon-kun Japanese .ver
  • The way of Coconoko's life
  • Mani's trips in Japan English .ver
  • Mani's trips in Japan
  • Corazon-kun lile a stick figure
  • Coconoko & Boss English .ver
  • Coconoko & Boss Spanish .ver
  • Coconoko & Boss Chinese .ver
  • Give me words!
  • Coconoko & Boss
  • Themes

    There are LINE themes, too.
    04/2020 Updated!

  • Mapish
  • Corazon-kun
  • Coconoko & Boss


    I appreciate your continued support!


    I started selling Emoji !
    12/2018 Updated!

  • Mapish's feelings
  • Simple close-up Emoji


    Mapish journal
    It's a draw an illustrated diary which Mapish's everyday life.


    Please use a following form for inquiries.

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